Sunday, December 28, 2014

This has already happened

Everything we experience has already happened. That's because there is a delay for our brain to process what our nerves tell us. There are two different parts to our brain. The cerebellum and cerebral cortex. The cerebellum is the oldest part of our brain and works with the brain stem to control action, movement, balance and fight or flight. Our cerebral cortex then takes the information from the cerebellum and makes sense out of the experience. Our nerves get their information from the "environment" and respond to it by creating action as described. Now we all shrug our shoulders saying " yeah but this takes a split second"! Let's think about that split second. Regardless of weather it's a split second or an hour, the point is that we are not in control of our actions. Our cerebral cortex makes sense of this action by telling us that we conciously made this decision. That is lie number one. In fact what is really happening is that these actions have already taken place. We walk before we know we are walking. We eat, drink, talk, sleep and everything else including see before we are aware. It takes a milisecond for our eyes to see an object and send the image to our cerebral cortex. Therefore everything we experience is actually a past event. Here's a question. What is the environment we are reacting to? What in the environment tells us to sit, stand, move our head etc.? Our movement through our nervous system is crated by electrical signals. This electrical occurance takes place in cells called neurons. Every action we take, including thought, is the result of an electrical signal. This must mean that electrical signals are being sent from our "environment". After all electricity is the means by which our body communicates with itself. It would be hard to believe that electrical signals respond to non electrical forces to send electrical information. By now your mind has still brushed this off by saying " well a millisecond is not that long. However, we have to understand that in reality there is no such thing as a second. For there to be a second there would have to be a second beforehand. When did the first second begin? It never did. Time is infinite. So take a millisecond off of one day; then one year; then one million years; then infinity and you'll find that not only are we living in the past but we are living in a time that always has been and never was. By now your cerebral cortex is pretty pissed and trying to tell you that this is unimaginable. However not only is it imaginable, it is the only thing that makes sense and it's true. What's not true about time is 12:00am and a second and an hour. Time is not the beating of a heart or a planet's movement around a star. The environment our body is reacting to is our infinite universe or multiverse. We are controlled by our universe. Our actions are being dictated by an ancient dimension. We don't call the shots more than our earth, sun and space do. But our cerebral cortex would have us believe that we control everything and that we are all intelligent. Even more so than our universe! Now that's arrogant! We are simply an appendage to our environment and our dimension controls us not the other way around. Even in religion we are taught that there is a God more powerful than us and that this God controls us. So now your cerebral cortex is saying if we are living in the past, how do we explain our physical being? Our physics being is in no more controlled by us than are the stars controlled by us. Our body is the property of this dimension. Jesus taught us about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is who we are. I feel this way because since everything has already happened then what we see as physical is simply an interpretation. Our lives have already been lived and our conciousness only allows us to experience what we know today. What else can explain a time lapse between environment, the bodies reaction to the environment, and the cerebral cortex interpretations. There is a huge delay that clearly tells us that we are not in control of our actions. And against the back drop of infinity this could mean anything.

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