Sunday, October 14, 2012

Romney the PUNK!

I'm tired of people in awe of Mitt Romney. Let's keep it real! Mitt Romney is a punk! Nothing more! He's a spoiled little rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Who is Mitt Romney to tell anyone anything? He's where he is because his daddy gave him money. He inherited his wealth. Please don't give me that song and dance of how this bum made millions on his own. This worthless bum wouldn't have been able to screw people out of their jobs had it not been for the fact that he came from privilege. Why are you people worshiping a spoiled little punk brat who never had to want for anything? What is America's fascination with spoiled little punks? This little bitch never had to have a hard days work in his life! But you all want him to be president. Why? Because you people are little minions who idolize spoiled little punks.Remember what happened the last time we had a spoiled little punk as president? You think its going to be different with this punk? He goes around the world and insults our allies. Why? Because he's never had to think about anything. He's a disrespectful little punk who thinks that the world revolves around him. But you all want to vote for him; a punk! I keep saying the word "punk" because that's what he is. This is who you want representing you as an American? An entitled brat? Mitt Romney, like W. Bush, thinks that the economy is his own private piggy bank. Romney doesn't know the word "no". The republicans love running unqualified candidates. These days, the way you become a presidential nominee for the republican party is if you're an inheritance baby who is a spoiled little brat punk who needs his ass kicked. Think about it. Dick Cheney, though evil, not able to be president as a republican because he didn't come from money. This other scumbag, Ryan, can't run for president as a republican because he didn't come from money. It appears that the main qualification these days to be a republican president is to be, you guessed it, a spoiled punk with a silver spoon in his mouth. Pathetic! Also, what's with the debates? All of a sudden people who would have voted for our current president have changed their vote to Mitt "Punk" Romney after just one debate. Really? Lets forget the tax returns that spoiled little punk doesn't want to show. Let's forget the jobs the Punk sent to China. Lets forget the businesses the "Punk" ran to the ground to make a profit. Let's forget the punk's statement " I don't care about the poor". Let's forget the Punk's statement about the 47 percent who, unlike him, were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Let's forget about the Punk's arrogance and insulting our allies. Let's forget about the Punk's off shore bank accounts. Let's forget about the Punk's belief that he should only pay 14 percent in taxes. After all, for an entitled spoiled punk, any tax is unfair. I could go on. But because of one debate where he lied 27 times in 38 minutes, all of a sudden, you all want to vote for him. A Punk! One debate sold you! It's all good now! Now it doesn't matter that he's a bum. Abe Lincoln born in a log Cabin. Our first president, Washington, put his life on the line fighting the British. You think the Mitt Punk Romney would ever put his faggot punk ass on the line? Bill Clinton, came from poverty! Obama wasn't even raised by his parents! He was raised by his grandparents! He met his father when he graduated college! Oh but you all want to support a spoiled little punk! THe job numbers are all wrong! Why? Because you want a spoiled brat punk to be your leader? You want a spoiled little Punk with his spoiled little punk children to lead you? That's what you want? A punk!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rikers Island Graduation 5

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE SOCIETY. REHABILITATION IN JAIL IS NEEDED! THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR ANOTHER GRADUATE OF THE DBT PROGRAM! When we first started working in the groups, I saw a stern individual who did not seem to want to change or develop their thinking. One not changing their thinking is not always the worst thing, however, in our case; we had to figure out a way of thinking that did not validate punching someone in the mouth. This was a challenge for us all, I have to admit. Unlike some individuals who felt like pursuing a train of thought that would not allow and justify an assault, you gave this new concept a chance. Instead of trying to humiliate the process or the proctors of this program, you gave us a chance. I must admit that I did not expect that you would be one of the people to work with the program. I will admit my ignorance by realizing that I felt that you would be one of the individuals who would not lock out for group or splash or flood. I love being wrong. It is my belief that you are yet another example of why DBT works. Not only were you not a person that could not or would not involve themselves with the program, you became a virtual scholar of the program and the program’s logic. I have to say that I am impressed with your knowledge of the material. This knowledge demonstrated to me during rounds as you would explain situations that enabled you to utilize your DBT skills. I knew that you were genuine in your discussions of the DBT skills that you had learned, as you would explain the situations that these skills were applied. Not once have you yelled obscenities at me or any other staff member. You could have been easily persuaded to as other people housed next to you have behaved in such a manner. This for me is an example of your ability to think independently. For me, your behavior exemplifies leadership. Instead of following a path of self destruction by behaving in an intolerable manner, you chose to compose yourself with dignity and respect. As the weeks and the months dragged on and our conversations about the usefulness of the DBT program progressed, it became clear that you were not interested in repeating the same behavior that created your circumstances. I began to understand that you realized that it is important not to follow people down the wrong path in life. For me, it seemed that you could understand how problems developed as a result of who you identified with in life. Our conversations focused on how anti-social behavior was a menace as well as embarrassing. It is my belief that you have the potential to develop your thinking. It seems as though you have chosen the pro-social DBT skills over the anti-social behavior of some of your peers. It appears further that through the study of these skills, you have been able to open your mind to a completely new and more intricate understanding of opportunities that exist for you. Stay the course of success by choosing skills over anti-social behavior. Only you can create your ambitions. Only you know what you can do. It is not enough for me or us to believe in you, you must believe in yourself. Let DBT be the key to your uninhibited brilliance and unlock the door to your success. Congratulations on completing the DBT program and Good Luck

Rikers Island Graduation 4

THE WORK CONTINUES! THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR ONE OF OUR GRADUATES! When we first met, you spoke to me about your life in a way that exhibited the despair that you felt about the circumstances that you confronted. There was nothing positive that you had to say about your future. You were disgruntled. However, I felt then, as I feel now, that there is great possibility for your success. Being incarcerated is a debilitating experience as it sets us back in our lives. It was my fear that you would succumb to the feelings of despair which accompany incarceration. I Know I speak on behalf of the leaders of this DBT program when I say that we don’t want or need your business. That is to say, we do not hope to see you back in jail. We do hope to gain your business through your freedom. You are worth more to us as a functioning member of society than as an inmate in an orange jumpsuit chained to a wall. I would much rather work with you on DBT skills while in the community than in prison. I would much rather focus on helping you gain a higher level of function while you study acting in Julliard. Though I don’t mind and I have worked hard to have the ability to work with people who are in this situation, facing criminal conviction, it is my belief that you can achieve more. It is my belief that your ability to advance far beyond what incarceration has to offer us is in inherent in our human DNA. If I didn’t believe this, I would have chosen a different profession. I can’t speculate on what it is about this skills program that has changed your conversation from one of a young man who is hopeless to a young man that is hopeful with dreams of studying acting. Could it be DEAR MAN? Could it be skills in interpersonal effectiveness? Or could it be finding the middle path and validation techniques? Perhaps we will never know? Or perhaps it was all of these skills working to bring about a higher more conscious pro-social level of future oriented thinking. There is one thing that I am confident in however and that is that before coming to this program, you never entertained life beyond prison in a way that led to your happiness. How we process what we experience in life is the most important mechanism gifted to us. How do we process incarceration? How do we process the behavior that brought us to jail? A normal person may become embittered and hopeless feeling over whelmed. The constant court appearances, the constant probation requirements that never seem to end and the years that they linger can create a dysfunction in thinking that can break anyone rich, poor, educated or uneducated. The criminal justice system is perhaps one of the most mentally challenging systems any one will ever experience. To be taken from the community, forbidden to work or be educated or be with your friends and family is the most mentally debilitating experience for any creature on earth to survive. It is not a system or experience that is meant to create growth, yet that is exactly what you have done. I can’t say that you would have made this growth only through the dialogue and discussions that you and I have shared. I don’t know that these discussions alone would have been enough to break the deep depression you have felt. However, since our discussions have focused on the skills that the DBT program has offered, I have seen your depression and despair lift. I have seen future oriented thinking develop. I believe we are on the right track. Congratulations and Good Luck!


This was written for one of our graduates from the DBT program! DBT is designed to help people control actions that result from feelings that are oftentimes overwhelming. It is my hope that your ambitions will surpass any distractions that have inhibited you thus far. Finding the middle path and other DBT skills extend beyond the scope of basic relationships. Though this is true, I am firm in my belief that when you use these DBT skills as we have discussed them in our groups, you will be able to nurture your ambitions and thus bear the fruits of success. Frustration often leads to hopelessness. However, it is our hope that when confronted by the feelings of hopelessness or frustration, the skills you’ve learned with us will reassure you that your purpose in life is greater than the conflicts and struggles you face. Congratulations and good luck!

Rikers Island Graduation 2

This was written for one of the graduations from our Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Program. PROGRESS IS BEING MADE IN RIKERS ISLAND! It is safe to say that you have faced the consequences of your actions with dignity. You have not complained or acted out. You have not held the slot or splashed or used profanity. The irony of course is that though you behave well, you have not had to compromise your character. That is to say that you are not being ridiculed for being a composed individual. I know that for many people in this program, there is a fear that by learning the DBT skills a loss of strength will follow. I believe that it is safe to say that you put this myth to rest. The behavior you demonstrate proves that being dialectical does not at all make a person weak or naïve. In fact, using your wise mind has made you stronger. This fact is represented not only in your ability to complete this program but also in your ability to have others respect your resolve for self discipline and control. Congratulations and good luck!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vx=Vcos0; That's fast!

Vx=Vcos0 This equation is used to define a specific speed of an object traveling at a specific angle. So,for example, if you wanted to know the speed of a ball traveling in the "X" direction, you would be able to by accounting for the velocity (speed) multiplied by the cosine (degree of the angle). This information is useful for many reasons. I can understand how this speed would be important when trying to figure the speed needed for a rocket ship to leave earth's atmosphere. This simple equation could help identify how fast a ship would need to go in order to leave earth's atmosphere. Also, this equation could help to understand the quickest route to a destination. I tried to understand this physics problem from a unique perspective. I have to try to imagine what new angle could be used to help me utilize this equation. The result that I have concluded based on the calculation is applicable to travel as well. When we think about the quickest route to space, we think of a rocket ship shooting straight up to the sky. The velocity is assumed from the "Y" axis. The Y axis is a linear north/south direction the rocket ship travels. Since we are on planet earth, I have to understand that due to the curvature of the earth, our perception of travel to space, or air, is something that can be understood differently. Were it possible to take a linear path accross the surface of the earth, at say five feet off the ground, eventually we would head straight out to space. This being the case, if we were to try and understand how to get to a specific point in space from earth, understanding Vx=Vcos0 could become useful. Trying to find the speed of the rocket ship traveling along the "X" axis, we may be able to find that the quickest way to space is following a path along the X axis. For example, if you were to travel at 89 meters per second (198 mph) at an angle of 90 degrees, your speed would not change. However, as the angle changes to say fifty degrees, the speed slows. The angle slows. In fact, the speed of the rocket ship would be less until you reached a cosine of 2 degrees, at this point the speed would be equal to the 90 degree angle. Therefore, traveling straight accross the x axis is just as quick to get into outer space than if you were to take a 90 degree ascent into the heavens. Does this mean that regardless of how high off the ground you traveled, knowing the earth is round,would you be able to reach space as quickly if you traveled across the X axis? This of course is a questionable theory as the 90 degree angle to space is only 62 miles while taking the route on the X axis would take many more miles to reach space as the horizon is more than 62 miles. Though the 90 degree angle still seems like the quickest route, what if you were trying to reach a specific area in space? What if the area in space was more easily accesable taking a linear direction. Is it possible that an area in space is accessible more quickly following the X axis? Of course it is possible. Simply because you are traveling along the X axis, doesn't mean that you can't be, say, 1000 feet in the air. For that matter, it is not to say that you can not be 2 inches in the air from the surface of the earth. However, since the destination in space from earth, the curvature of the earth and your proximity is important. If you were 20 miles from the horizon or curvature of the earth, would you get to space quicker traveling on the X axis, rather than at any other angle, including a 90 degre angle? Not necessarily because this equation accounts for speed and not the time it would take to arrive at your destination. What this means is that your speed would be the same at the 90 degree angle as it would be at the 2 degree angle when determing how fast the object travels on the X axis. In other words, flat and verticle are the same in terms of speed. Although this is true, lets just say that the space ship leaving from the north pole wanted to get to a destination in space that is 90 degrees away on the X axis. It may be quicker to leave earth to that destination traveling along the X axis if the X axis is on that 90 degree angle that the space ship needs to reach. Though we would have to account for speed of the craft in outer space possibly being able to reach that place quicker, the fact is that spacially, this would be a quicker and more direct route on the X axis rather than the Y axis. That is to say, traveling at say a couple miles from the horizon to outer space on the X axis is closer in this case. In this scenario, it would take 64 miles to reach space rather than 62 miles. However, since the destination in space is closer, in this case on the X axis, would be faster. You would still be closer to space were you to take a 90 degree ascent into the sky say at three miles further up the path from the equater. This is because in this case, again, the rocket ship is traveling straight and would be at a 90 degree angle from the point in space to be arrived. However, once in space a control for this 90 degree angle would have to be taken. In essence, the only consideration that would be needed is to ascertain whether the 90 degree angle added up to more than the distance to the horizon plus 62 miles.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Why is everyone so worried about hurting the feelings of the KKK? Further, why are they even allowed to exist? They're so 1960s. I'm sorry, why do we care about them anymore? Oh yeah, because we're a bunch of cowards. I heard that we could not prevent the KKK from marching or speaking in public. The ACLU saw the wolf in sheep's clothing. Apparently if we didn't protect our beloved KKK and their free speech, then we couldn't protect anyone else's. What? The KKK has rights? All the murders, terrorism and evil, they still have rights? Their rights are apparently so important that somehow taking away their rights infringes on ours. I wonder if the mayors of these cities that had the KKK march would allow the Gambino crime family to march. How about the blood or crips to march? Of Course not! They're criminals! The KKK however, they are upstanding citizens whose rights need to be respected! Wow! Shouldn't they all be arrested? I saw Missippi Burning and I'm pretty sure that they made it against the law for the KKK to exist. Gene Hackman was pissed so I know that something must have been done. The truth is the KKK as cowardly and pathetic as they are, are nonetheless as American as apple pie. The truth however is that the KKK and other White Supremist groups should all be killed and or sent to Guantanamo Bay. I could see some of your expressions already. How dare I say such awfull things about our beloved KKK. I know there are a considerable amount of Afro Americans who feel this way. You'll argue how they don't matter. One Afro American told me it would be good to know where the KKK is so we can avoid them. Avoid them? It would be a good idea to know where the KKK is so we could KILL them. You Black folks who think like this will say tougher laws for this Black and that Black. You'll argue that Black people don't this or that; and just look at these Black people. However, let's just avoid the KKK. What have they ever done to us besides kill, torcher,oppress and make you live in squalor poverty. Yes, the KKK did that. In fact, it's still their mission to this day. But you all keep on like a bunch of cowards. Even in Germany it's against the law to rave about being a Nazi. Remember Germany? This is where the Nazi party began. They don't tolerate that crap. Not America though. I have to admit we are cowards when we let a bunch of played out loosers like the KKK dictate how we interpret the constitution.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Teach them! Rikers Island

For the White children who find themselves afflicted by the failures of this education system, I will consider them to be Black and Hispanic children as well. There is always so much confusion about education. We look at the statistics of the failing public education system in our country with immense curiosity. We say to each other how did this circumstance arrive? Usually, the answer is followed by a wide range of opinions that attempt to provide a reason for the dismembered education system. The answers are always brought with anger and disdain. Such a sentiment is clearly understood as the situation of our failing education system is quite deplorable. In most cases, our answer to the question of how we arrived here at this level of failure is equally as deplorable as our answers are racist as well as classist. In looking for the answer that explains the education failure, we expose our disdain and hatred for the Black and Brown student. Black and White people alike, who feel themselves separate and apart from the journey of misfortune created by poor education, are quick to admonish the Black/Brown student. We explain to each other that these children are failing because their parents are not involved in their education. In furtherance, we shout that these students don’t value education. Then we are quick to examine mass incarceration statistics of Black and Brown children to support these claims. In the end, we console ourselves resting easy with the notion that Black and Brown students are hopeless. We comfort ourselves believing that apathy is appropriate since their parents aren’t attending PTA meetings or helping them with their homework. I n the end, we justify the failure of the educational system while disconnecting ourselves from a problem that our racism and classism perpetuates. These answers are the backbone of the education issue. Through these answers, we allow our community leadership to shovel us useless solutions. This is indeed the case. Who can argue that our teachers aren’t trying to educate these people? Who can argue that our leadership is not concerned about the issue? With all this care and concern about the issues, that the students are still failing says that Black/Brown students are the problem. They just don’t care about their education. This is the pitiful, pathetic, arrogant, ignorant mindset of the American public, White and Black. I have an argument to make. Do schools have a right to not educate children when their parents are not “involved”? Do parents need to be in the PTA for schools to decide to do their job? For a child to obtain a decent education, do their parents have to be college educated themselves? I don’t think so. This bit of logic that is so pervasive is by far one of the weakest. A parent should not have to have a degree from Yale in order for their child to achieve in an environment whose sole purpose it is to provide education. This would be analogues to buying a car. However, before buying the car, you yourself must know how to build a car. Just like the car manufacturer having the responsibility to deliver its service to the customer, the schools have a responsibility to deliver its service to its customer. Like the car manufacturer not making an excuse that the purchaser should first learn how to build an automobile, the educational system should not make an excuse that the parents must be educated or attend PTA meetings. Though I think this is a compelling analogy, I sense that there are still some non-believers, so to speak. We will still argue that without proper parent involvement, the schools will be unable to educate the children properly. However, I stick to my rationale that a failing organization must observe its deficits then compensate for them. In other words, if we see that parents are not “involved” the way we would like them to be, we need to create bridges to mend this supposed gap. No, a parent not belonging to the PTA is not a valid excuse. Then there is the almighty issue of Black and Brown children not caring about their education. “They’d rather sell drugs and run the street instead of get an education, “we argue. I happen to know otherwise, however. Working with the adolescents here at Rikers Island, I realize now more than ever that no one likes being illiterate. People don’t like having to have to say, “I don’t like reading because I can’t read that well.” People don’t like not being able to write a complete sentence. Nobody enjoys being illiterate. I had an adolescent patient of mine tell me that although he is eighteen years old, he only has two credits in high school. People don’t enjoy being uneducated! He stated further, “This is not something I’m proud of.” Well now, this whole argument that our Black and Brown students enjoy being illiterate is falling apart! I’ve recently started to work with the kids in Rikers Island on their writing. I’m having them write about why they feel so many kids are dropping out of school. I feel that allowing them to discuss their challenges is helpful to finding a solution to the problem. Their answers though differ greatly than our answers. These Black/Brown students are saying that the teachers don’t care. Imagine that. What would make the dozen or so students that are not aware what each other is writing, write the same exact thing about education? Could it be a conspiracy? Could it be an organized attempt by Black/Brown students to overthrow the education system by dropping out and going to prison? Perhaps this is all part of their evil little plot overthrow Mayor Bloomberg’s reign over New York City. Or maybe it’s true. I think that their statements make sense. I also feel that it’s high time we stop blaming the victim which in this case is the Black/Brown student. These people are not dumb; believe it or not. They know we don’t give a crap about them. They know that we hate them. They know what we are saying about them behind their back. They know we don’t care. It’s not a big secret! The answer as to why they are dropping out of school is simple. Why would they go to school when they aren’t learning anything? What is the point of going to school when they are not teaching you how to read and write? I don’t think that these kids have received a decent education since third grade. The reason I say third grade is because their writing level is for the most part at a third graders level. If by the time you attend high school you have only received a third grade education, I don’t think there is any point to continue with that failed education system. This truly explains why they are dropping out of school to attend high school in prison. In fact, prison is where most of these Black/Brown students end up receiving their education. This outcome is due to our racist hatred and disdain for the Black/Brown student. Those of us who have forgotten where we come from and those of us who just don’t care what this country is supposed to be about have failed these students. We are responsible for their failure. We are the failures. We are making rationales and justifications for our own failures! We are sad and pitiful! We are pathetic! We are an embarrassment! We are a shame! We are not proud and we shouldn’t be since we produce crap work. The solution you ask? I’ll give a solution. Let’s have ten students per class so the teachers can reach each student. Let’s hire more teachers and pay them six figures when they begin their teaching careers. Let’s build more classrooms so we can accommodate the demand for education. Instead, we’re laying off more teachers, building more prisons, hiring more police and correction officers. The reason? Because we don’t care and we hate Black/Brown students. Waiting for this to happen would be tantamount to waiting for hell to freeze over. I’m referring to the growth in education not law enforcement. We always have money to lock up Black/ Brown kids. So here’s another solution. Each of you who read this blog, find a school in your state who is struggling. Call them up. Tell them who you are and what you do for a living. Then ask them what you can do to help. If you decide to actually give a damn and do this, would you please be so kind as to leave the response on a comment under this blog? I will do this very thing next week. I will then write a blog to inform you of how things have gone. If enough of us do this, we can start to make a difference and commence a grass roots campaign to overcome this deficit that we perpetuate. In short, I find that the answer as to how to educate students is simple. Teach them!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Graduation in Rikers Island Jail

I wrote this speech for the graduation ceremony in Rikers Island Jail. This particular incarcerated person graduated from the dialectical behavioral therapy program for adolescents housed in solitary confinement. The person I am writing about has a history of violent behavior complimented with violent charges. However, he has found a new way of looking at life thanks to this DBT program. I felt it appropriate therefore to write him this salutation as his road to success has now begun! M.S. The situation that led us to meet here once again since we first met in one central contrasts significantly the person you have the potential to become as well as present yourself as being. The actions that brought you to this program underlie a struggle for self determination that I would like to see develop in a pro-social capacity. It is my sincere belief that what you have learned from the DBT program will allow you to develop this struggle for positive self growth. The extreme black and white thinking that seemed to control your thoughts when we first met do not seem to exist at this time. It is my belief and hope that you are able to understand circumstances from a multidimensional perspective. I am confident that what you learned from this DBT program has improved your thinking. You have not behaved inappropriately, as you have done in the past; and you seem to carry yourself with more calm and confidence. I have to ask myself, is his calm and confident manners the result of knowing that there is a middle path to take? Is his calm and confidence in character and demeanor a result of a self awareness that allows him to validate himself? Has his lack of self destruction been a result of knowing how to validate others who he may disagree with? I believe that the only answer can be yes. I don’t think that it is possible for anyone to have self respect without having self validation. I further believe that I don’t think it is possible to have respect for others without having the ability to look beyond the circumstances. Moreover, I don’t think that it is possible to have self respect and respect for others without carrying yourself with the appropriate level of calm and confidence that you have displayed since becoming part of this program. Now since these characteristics were not so present when we first met, I am forced to believe that you have learned these traits about yourself as a result of what we have been able to offer you within the DBT program. I hope that you share the same vision of yourself as we here who facilitate this program. We believe in your ability to grow from your own self awareness. This program exists because you are capable of achieving success in your life under any circumstance. However, it is not enough for us to believe in your ability, you must believe in your ability as well. What are the potentials you have? One can only imagine. However, it is my hope that the DBT program will remove the road blocks that inhibit the creativity necessary to achieve and give you the ability to think beyond what crisis that confronts you. It is my hope that when a situation arises like the situation that brought us here, you will be able to find the middle path. I am confident that once you are able to utilize these DBT skills, you will be amazed at the strength you have to not only overcome problems but solve problems. As you see this ability develop, your automatic thinking will create all sorts of opportunities that you never realized existed. These opportunities and ambitions will not be made from mine or anyone else’s thinking but your own; because neither I nor anyone else can create your ambitions. Your ambitions are something you must create yourself. Now, with what you are learning, these ambitions can soar higher and in a positive meaningful direction than they ever have. Good and Congratulations on the completion of the DBT program.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ff=µsmg clean energy

Ff=µsmg Static friction is more powerful than kinetic friction. Although we think about electric power being created by kinetic forces, the truth that physicists and scientists have discovered is that static friction and the coefficient of static is greater than the friction and coefficient of friction for kinetic energy. What are the implications? We create less friction with motion. The kinetic energy that is created to generate electricity is greater at rest than in motion. Therefore, the electrical charge that is created from a negative and positive charge is greater when the conductors of this energy are at rest. We think of electricity being created by kinetic motion via wind turbines or the acceleration of a speeding bullet. We naturally think that the faster an object moves, the greater the energy it produces. Although the velocity and acceleration that perpetuates the projectile in this case is great, physics states when using Ff=µsmg that the static coefficient of friction is less during this kinetic motion than when the charge is motionless or static. Ff=µsmg: This equation means that the force friction is equal to the static frictional force multiplied by the mass of the object and gravity. Force friction is the connection of microscopic particles that interlock when an object is placed on a surface. Finding the exact friction force is difficult, however. Since every surface is different, the friction force will then be different as well. However, one thing is certain. The friction force and coefficient of friction will be greater for the static object. Consequently, if you had an object in a stationary position, there would be a greater static coefficient than if you slid the object. Once you began to slide the object, the static coefficient would drop as the microscopic particles would lose its grip on the object as a result of the kinetics imposed. Naturally, when the object is moving, the microscopic hold on the object is less or the object would not slide. Ff=µsmg proves that there is magnetism on the earth. Were there not to be any magnetism on the planet, all objects would slide around the earth as though we were on a skating rink. I dare say that the earth is somewhat like one large magnet. These microscopic particles are not considered to be gravity. Gravity has its own coefficient. Gravity on earth has a pull of 9.8 meters per second. This is not the same as static or kinetic micro particles that hold objects in place on the surface. Again, objects do not stay in place on the surface because of gravity. Gravity is balanced by an external force of antigravity if you will pushing up from the earth at the same 9.8 m/s. This exertion of force outward stops the earth from imploding in on itself and possibly becoming a black hole. Many physicists believe that this effect is due to vibrations that are explored in the more advance string theory physics. The heavier the object, the greater the static energy. Try moving a two hundred pound object. This object will be more difficult to drag than a one hundred pound object. People naturally believe that this has to do with the gravitational pull on the object. However, the real reason is that the static friction is more intense due to the weight causing a great amount of friction. Were the object to not have any static friction, the object would slide around the surface of the planet. This sliding would happen to all objects regardless of the affect gravity had on the object in terms of weight. Since Ff=µsmg is heavily affected by weight, we can imagine that the weight of an object creates more friction than does the motion of the object. Let’s think about the bullet. The bullet travels as a result of friction. The friction is created by a kinetic motion of the hammer slamming onto the bullet where gun powder is stored. However, we could create an even greater acceleration or explosion if we placed a heavy object on the bullet. I dare say that if we placed one thousand pounds of pressure on the bullet using Ff=µsmg, the bullet would accelerate. Try setting a bullet under the weight of a heavy object. The object would not have to be in motion to impact the gun powder in the bullet. This is because static mass creates a coefficient of friction. The hammer of a gun does not have to slam with one thousand pounds of pressure to set off the round. I dare say that this equation does not require the same amount of kinetic energy as does the firing pin. In fact, this equation demonstrates that static energy is capable of creating the same affect. How does this relate to energy? Since static friction is greater than kinetic friction, can there be as a great or greater an electric charge amongst static objects that hold negative and positive charges? Additionally, does weight contribute to the strength of the static charge the same as motion affects kinetic charges and friction? We realize that with kinetic energy, friction creates an electrical charge. With Ff=µsmg, the friction is greater with the static friction or non movement of the mass. Therefore, we can conclude that the weight as well as the coefficient of friction in a static circumstance is greater than if that circumstance were in motion. If kinetic friction generates electricity through wind energy via perpetual motion, then shouldn’t static friction create even more electricity since static coefficients are greater than kinetic coefficients? Ff=µsmg says that this is the case. The next question that arises should be what surface would best create the greatest static electrical charge. Research has proven that wool and Teflon create high levels of static electricity. There are many different positive and negative fabrics as well as substances that create static energy. Does increasing the force friction of static energy intensify the static electricity? Is weight the equivalent to motion in the case of static electrical energy? I believe the answer is yes since force friction creates energy under kinetic circumstances. Since force and friction can create kinetic energy, weight as it applies to static friction creates a greater amount of friction. This then means that there is a greater potential for electric energy. I then surmise that weight combined with static electrical positive and negative charges create a greater output of energy. This happens in much the same way kinetic energy works on the shell casing of a bullet that has been hit by the firing pin or hammer or intense static pressure. Should this be the case, all that would be needed is to gather positive and negative electrons and place them under pressure to simulate a kinetically increased electrical charge.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

V2=AiVi/A2 mistake!

I made a minor but significant mistake in my calculations. I realized this on my way home as I was driving. It occurred to me that there was something wrong with how I was understanding the flow of water pressure through the cross sectional diameter of the pipe. According to my calculations, the larger the pipe, the stronger the water pressure. This I realized was impossible since the smaller the pipe, the greater the water pressure. Consider putting your finger over a hose when the water is pouring out of the hose. When this is done, the water pressure increases significantly. Therefore, the diameter being smaller should create greater pressure. However, if I plug in a number greater than 12 feet and I square this number, the water pressure will be greater, according to my calculations. This result is of course impossible. Realizing this as I was speeding down the high way, I remembered that I forgot to implement a very important formula. I actually mentioned this formula to find out the water pressure variance at a different part of the pipe were that area of the pipe to be smaller. The formula is as follows: V2=AiVi/A2 In order to find the velocity, we have to divide the cross sectional shape of the pipe by the initial velocity which is 3000 lbs of pressure. This means we have to divide 3k by twelve. The answer is V2=250 lbs of pressure. Now that we know the pounds of pressure that will be squeezed through the cross sectional of this pipe, we can use P=1/2P(Vi-V2) to find the total amount of pressure at this diameter. Since we know that the initial velocity is 3K, and we know that the velocity is 250 pounds per pressure at the pipe that is 4 meters wide, we can plug in the numbers. P=1/2P(Vi-V2)=585 billion lbs of pressure! were you to use a smaller number than twelve to divide by 3K the number would have been smaller and the pressure would be greater!

P=1/2P(V1-V2) Clean Energy

Clean unlimited energy is not difficult to create. It doesn’t necessarily take a rocket scientist to create a clean energy idea that will work if produced; though a degree in rocket science doesn’t ever hurt in this case. I make this claim because I have been able to create an idea for clean energy. I developed this idea for clean energy while studying physics. My clean energy idea is as follows: If we were to create energy using a perpetual motion turbine system that operated under the ocean, we would have a limitless supply of energy. The way this works is through a pipe system. I have discovered several different concepts for the design of this under ocean perpetual motion system. One of the designs for underwater perpetual motion turbine system is created via this design: Multiple oval smoke stack shaped stacks ranging at least three meters in diameter will be attached to a hollow basin. Imagine a football with three straws sticking out of the top of the football. The bottom of the football will have pipes that lead out of the hallow basin. On the side of the football shaped basin, there will be stilts to hold this contraption on the bottom of the ocean floor. Since there is less pressure in the basin, water will flow into the pipes into the basin and drain out into the ocean from the pipes underneath this football shaped hollow basin. As I stated, this contraption will be placed underneath the ocean. So, let’s say that this contraption is 3000 feet underneath the ocean. What would be the water pressure produced at this depth? In order to find out the final velocity of water, it is necessary to know the initial velocity. Initial velocity in this case is the water pressure at 3000 feet. Let’s assume that the water pressure at this depth is 3000 pounds per square inch. We need to understand what the water pressure would be flowing through the cross sectional area of the pipe. In this case the area is 4 meter or 12 feet. To solve this problem, we need to include the density of the liquid. In this case the liquid is water. Water has a density of 1000 kg/m. Though physics problems usually employ a metric system that dictates pressure as meters per second, I will plug in the vectors of pressure using pounds instead of Newtons or meters per second and still be able to produced usable data. Solving this problem I will use the physics formula: P=1/2P(Vi-V2)= 1296, 000000 lbs of pressure This translates to pressure in the pipe equaling the density of liquid divided by half. You can factor out P and work on the equation using velocity and area. Once this is done we take the initial velocity of the water at 3k and square this to find the total amount of pressure. Then we take the cross sectional diameter and square the cross sectional diameter at 12 times 12. We take this answer and then multiply to find the water pressure through the tube. The answer equals the amount of pressure in that pipe. The amount of pressure in the pipe would= 1296,000000 pounds of pressure. However, if we wanted to create a greater amount of pressure say at the point of the turbine you would use this equation : ( V2= AiVi/A2) This means that the velocity at this area of the pipe will be found by dividing the initial velocity by the area cross sectional at this point of the pipe where the cross sectional shape is different. Since the velocity stays the same the area of the pipe is the only thing that needs to change. Even if you were to build this pipeline turbine system at a depth of 100 ft. with a twelve foot cross sectional diameter, there would be a water pressure in this pipe that would equal 144k pounds of water pressure! With this pressure, it would be possible to power turbines to create electricity at very high voltage and amps. We need to stop making excused about why we can’t do things and focus on why we can achieve clean energy. Water pressure in pipes is real! Water pressure in the ocean is real! With our oceans, we have an unlimited source of clean energy. Climate change is a real issue. I have been aware of climate change, as I’m sure most of you have, for many years. Global warming has been the most eloquent term used to describe climate change. An inconvenient truth is more than a catchy name for a well produced documentary. Apparently, inconvenient is how our energy industry views global warming. However, the buck has to stop at some point. It seems that the point the buck will not stop unfortunately is at a three percent increase in global temperature. What happens when the temperature of the earth increases by three degrees? This question is important to ask since this level of global temperature increase is taking place as we speak. In fact, we have increased our global temperature to within a few margins of three degrees as of this current date. In doing so, we are creating mass extinctions of species at an epic proportion. However, we are fast tracking to a larger increase of death as a result of global warming. Scientists are saying that we are headed down a path of global warming that will reach a global climate increase of 7 percent! What are the implications? A global climate increase of seven percent will create unspeakable weather patterns. In New York State there have been two Tornados in less than three weeks. The most recent tornado touched down today 8-10-12. I have not lived in New York my whole life, however, I have never heard of the regions surrounding the five boroughs being noted for multiple Tornados within less than a month’s time. Tornados in New York are becoming very frequent. I dare say that an increase in global temperature is the cause of this increasing weather pattern. Just last year we had a hurricane in New York City that reached hundreds of miles inland to upstate New York. Will these weather patterns be considered the norm? I make these points to illustrate the need for a solution to a problem that has been created by energy production and consumption at a macro level. People who try to argue that global warming is not occurring at its current state due to manmade noxious gas is living in a delusional world. How can anyone argue that billions of tons of cordon dioxide into our atmosphere is not causing the ice caps in Greenland to melt? No? CO2 has nothing to do with this ever increasing weather change? No such thing as greenhouse gasses? I would like to proceed with the assumption that green house gasses are the cause for global warming. I would further like to clarify that these gasses are created by the greedy power companies such as big oil. These oil companies who are responsible for halting the inventions of numerous clean energy designs by way of murder, have killed such geniuses as Nicholas Telsa. Countless other people who have invented clean energy have been killed or intimidated due to the greed of robber barren banksters and oil company thugs. How long will we allow these idiots to control our lives and destroy our earth.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Let Your Pants Sag!

Sagging pants on Black youth is a sticking point with many people. Here in Rikers Island jail where I work, I often hear my fellow clinicians as well as officers exclaim " pull your pants up!" I never understood the big deal with wearing loose fitted pants. I dare say it's one of the least important issues facing Black America. I further believe that wearing loose fitting clothes isn't an issue at all. I heard that in some states they were walking up to Black kids and writing them tickets for wearing loose fitted clothes. How is this act not a violation of the first amendment? I don't like people who wear butt hugging jeans with large belt buckles, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Think I'll give that person a ticket and tell them to stop wearing tight ass hugging jeans because I don't want to see the shape of their ass. I really think it is disgusting to have to look at another man's ass. If it were up to me I would make it against the law for men to wear this gay ass attire. It offends me! I frankly like when men sag their pants. I don't want to see your ass! Not into other men's asses. Thank you hip hoppers for not showing it to me; sag on! What would happen if Black kids didn't sag their pants? Would the schools decide to teach them how to read and write properly? Would White America decide to give us jobs? Or would none of this change? I don't care if these Black kids sag their pants, wear tight jeans or dress like James Bond, you ain't getting no job, you're still going to be called a nigger and your education in the ghetto is still going to suck. Perhaps if Black kids were some how able to make themselves look white, they could get ahead in life. But that will require a whole lot of skin bleach or a hell of a makeup artist. So I tell Black kids sag your pants and direct your anger while your sagging your pants, not at each other, but at the racism and classism that oppresses you. Indict this education system with your sagging pants not by a crime driven protest. Indict them by being resourceful enough to become as educated or better educated than those who are oppressing you. It really bothers me that we as a society find one excuse after the next to hate, discourage, unemploy, undereducate Black and Hispanic people. We hate this group of people so much that we actually think we have a right to tell them what to wear when they wake up in the morning!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mernie Art!

Parallex Art Fair is where Mernie Baker aka Myrna Williams is showing her work! The art fair is located at 74 Mercer Street in Soho New York! Mernie has been kicking booty with her new art style. Art shows and galleries have been contacting her right and left! You can look at the work she is currently showing at the art fair and elsewhere by looking at her web page Now Mernie has been working as an artist for many years. She has a bachelors degree in art from Pratt; located in Brooklyn New York. Her style is nice! The girl knows what she is doing! You can believe that! Her work is very well designed as it stands out amongst the many other works in the art show. The colors she uses to design and describe the flavor and mood of her work takes the mind's eye on a journey that is soothing as well as energizing! Her debut pieces include a five by five painting of the rural country side of New York State. She has designed the paintings by cutting canvas from other paintings to compose this rich detailed landscape. Look, I could tell you all about the paintings but you really should see for yourselves! If you can't make it to the art fair, look at her web site and you'll see what I mean!

You're a Racist

You're a racist! Let's keep it real! Are you really that unaware? Have you seen the things you've sent me? Obama as buckweet from the little rascals. Remember that? No, that's called racism. Not an American?  You "birthers" wouldn't be saying this garbage to the man if he were White. Did you know McCain was born overseas? Oh but he's White so it's okay. How come you don't want to see his birth certificate? Oh right he's white so it's cool. If you're a White republican you can do no wrong in you're racist little White boy mind. The main objective of the racist right wing republican tea bagger party that you belong to is to make this president, because he's Black, a one term president. That was the mission statement from the right wing after he was sworn into office. A record number of obstructions that hurt the American people; caused by the republican racist right wing tea bagging dickhead republican party that you belong to. All because he's Black and he threatens your White male supremacy power structure. A Black president threatens you bums because your white skin and male gender might not be enough anymore. You might actually have to use your brain and compete for once; and it scares the shit out of you! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Recently I applied to help out a reporter. They wanted information on prison life: 

Here it goes!

My name is Evan Baker and I am a Licensed Master Social Worker employed at Rikers Island Jail, located in New York City. Although Rikers Island Jail employs many African Americans, I am one of only a handful of African American male mental health clinicians, as most Black men are in jail or undereducated in New York City. I have written a book titled Rikers Isand Theories of Racism which is available on line on demand through Barnes and Nobles as well as Amazon. I was able to place copies in the actual Barnes and Nobles locations in New York where they all sold out! Recently I have started a blog. My site is

As a mental health therapist in Rikers Island Jail, I am responsible for running the dialectical behavioral therapy program. This program is designed to work with adolescent males who are housed in solitary confinement, punitive segrigation housing area. This area often referred to as “the bing” or “the box”, is designed to house adolescent inmates who have been infracted for fighting with other inmates or DOC officers. 

The DBT program is designed to work with adolescents who have a wide range of behavioral disorders. These disorders include but are not limited to anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, self harm behavior such as suicidal ideation, suicidal gestures, self harm which includes cutting their own body or self mutilation. The DBT program helps these children manage their frustration which can lead to violent or inappropriate behavior in this housing area as well as in general population housing. Inappropriate behavior manifests itself in the form of throwing urine or feces on staff, flooding the tier by overflowing the toilet bowl, wiping feces on the cell or eating their own feces in protest for being placed in solitary confinement.

Although this program is helpful as it offers a rehabilitation component, as is the purpose of mental health, I could elaborate further about the negative impact incarceration has on the larger Black community. 


I had to respond to an earlier statement which went as such "all you do is bitch and offer no solutions.

Dear Richard Cranium

You're so cool, I think I'll call you culo. You're a disrespectful mean spirited right winger. I get it. However, I did provide solutions. Adult development spoke about validation as a solution in dealing w/ troubled youth. Validation may sound simple but its what needs to happen in treatment! Jobs had a message to do what you love to avoid having to suffer the hardships associated with employment. Panhandler was a story of what I experienced and spoke to a state of mind that captivates people when dealing with begging. Aliens was not a focus on a problem but rather an explanation of or why extra terrestrial life forms might be visiting us. Math did focus on a solution by pointing out the importance of allowing people to explain how they arrived at math and physics problems when we think they arrived at the wrong answer. Monopoly focused on a solution by pointing out the need to articulate the difficulties associated with obtaining free energy. By the way, I don't know that too many people are familiar with Troy Reid and his electric car that he powered using a magnetic generator. Further, that he has been silenced from talking about this invention should create outrage. Perhaps the strongest attribute to this piece is the kindling of discontent. In the future, I would appreciate if your comments were rooted in intelligent rhetoric rather than emotionally driven insult. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Job

Making money is quite possibly one of the most meaningless activities you'll ever have to do. Oh I can hear your minds churning with dissent. How could that be you ask? My answer is simple. If what you do for a living was so much fun, you wouldn't be paid for the job. Oh yeah right you love your job. Nonsense, nobody loved their job. The word love and job don't even belong in the same sentence. If something you did was something you loved, it wouldn't be a job. A "job" is never meant to describe a fun activity. The word job means a labor you have no choice but to do. "it's going to be a tough job", you may hear somebody say. Have you ever heard the phrase "it's going o be a tough fun?" Of course not; because tough and fun don't belong in the same sentence. Tough bad job do belong in the same sentence. Oh yeah, right, I can hear it already. That's not true, you can use the statement "fun job". However, if a job was so much fun then you wouldn't have to use the word fun to describe this activity; it would speak for itself without needing the word "fun" to explain its meaning. No jobs are not fun. Again, if they were, everyone would do it and thus you wouldn't be paid. Now some may argue that a career is different than a job. Well really it's not any different than a job. A career is a job that you do forever or at least until you're dead. Still not convinced? Know somebody who loves what they do for a living? Well then that person does not have a job. I don't think that there has been a word to describe what that person has. Whatever it is that this person does to make money is deserving of a talk show. Most of us have jobs. So in that case, most of us are totally unfullilled spiritually and intellectually. We are in charge of completing mundane tasks in repetition to satisfy a corporation so that we can make money. This is really what a job means. If a machine could replace us, we would be out of a job. All you are as a job holder is a machine; a robot. I know that you went to college to learn your skill, this is the real world though were bottom line is what's most important. Want to be a medical doctor? It was so appealing in med school to study Medicine, here in the real world, you'll find that money is the real practice. If someone needs help, you don't help them unless you're getting paid. It's a job, not a charity. Don't want to charge the person money? Fine, be broke. See how fun that will be. Time to go to work at your job. Want to be a lawyer? It was so exciting studying case law in law school. Moot courts and discussion in class. Want to be a lawyer? You do what you're told in a specific practice day in day out. Boring! Yes when we go into practice, we find out that we are working for is the bottom line. The bottom line is money. You'll go through hell to get money. You'll do the most mundane repetitive things so long as you get paid. That's what it means to have a job. This is what we all are lucky to have; a job. If you are saying to yourself ," that's not me. I love what I do" then you don't have a job. You have something that has not been given a word to describe your method of gaining income. For the vast majority of us who are forced to go in to work everyday whether we want to or not, obey orders we don't want to obey, punch a clock and leave only when we are told, we have jobs. No creativity. No free thought. Machines in a factory is what an employee is who works at a job. Oh well, it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Math is a tricky subject. People always are catogorized as good at math or bad at math. We are taught this from an early age when we are taught in school. I remember being taught math at a young age, I was one of those kids that just didn't seem to understand arithmetic. I remember the frustration coming from my grandmother while she tried to explain how math worked." No, the answer is five! How did you get seven? You add this and take away that; how did you get seven?" when thinking about this conversation, I can't help but wonder what I was thinking. Whatever it was made sense in my mind. What didn't make sense was the math problem. Whenever we find a student such as I was, we tend to say,"He's not very good at math." we are taught to believe that math is done and understood only one way. Two times two is four. That's the end of the discussion. We are taught to believe that when you have two objects,if those objects are doubled, then you get four objects. That's a fact! No other truth can exhist. Thinking and believing otherwise is not intelligent. We are taught to narrow our minds. Questioning or understanding life in any other way but this means that you are not good at math. What? Okay, you may not be good at this particular style of math; however, that you may have trouble with the mainstream math we are taught does not mean that no other math concept exhists. In other words, how do we know that you may not be good at math because you have another way of practicing mathematics? To say that someone is not good at math just doesn't make sense. We are born thinking in terms of math. Everything we do is quantified from the time we are born. We as infants look for breasts to feed. Once a baby is done with one breast, he looks for another breat. Our sheer desire and need that we are born with requires us to think numerically. In fact it is this innate need that introduces is to the concept of numbers. From infancy, we are aware of the concept of more versus less. This concept of addition and subtraction is our gifted survival mechanism. We are, in my humble opinion, born mathematicians. Could it be that people who are considered poor in math are really gifted in math? Perhaps these people are tuned in to a more advanced way of understanding numbers. Instead of criticizing our students who are not so called "good in math", maybe we should instead ask them to explain and prove their answer. Maybe that person knows something about math that we, who have been forced to succumb to the prison of conventional math concepts, have overlooked. I began to understand this after reading about Albert Einstein. Einstein who was very critical of conventional math in the same way, wrote 2+2 =5. I learned by reading about Einstein how to think in this manner when confronting math. Einstein would take a Socratic approach when he professed to his students. He and is students would have coffe, walk and discuss physics as well as math. Bless my grandmother for trying to teach me math; however if Einstein were teaching me math, I think he would have had me explain how I came up with the answer. I'm sure he would be curious to find out if in fact there was another angle we haven't found. In keeping pace with this attitude to accept different ideas in math, I might have found something. To make five objects, you must have five spaces. Without space only one object exhists. So isn't it just as relevant to count the space with the object? So to say there are five objects, we actually mean ten components; don't forget the space. Take space away and the two bodies of mass become one body of mass. Doesn't this basic concept of arithmetic fly in the face of conventional thinking? Aren't we taught to think that five objects equal five, not ten? What if I were to write 2+2=8? Wouldn't that be "wrong"? Yet if numbers are infinite, then so are the possibilities. In that case, there really is no wrong answer. I was studying physics and learned that an object propelled by a string in a circular motion maintains the same velocity. How could this be? Shouldn't the gravitational pull from the earth control the velocity? Not when the acceleration is being created from the center. In other words a circular motion can defy gravity, thus making it's own gravity by the acceleration in the center. Centripetal force creates gravity in this way! So, in essence, it is possible to create your own gravitational field using this system of acceleration. The gravity that is created may then be harvested and produce further energy by way of gravity to feed the accelerant that is propelling the circular motion. I tried to explain this to the psychiatrist I work with but he would not accept that the accelerant works independant of gravity thereby creating it's own gravity. He argued that the accelerant would not be able to work independant if gravity since the accelerant would have to overcome by the gravity that already exhists. This was a sticking point since none of the physics problems that focused on this circular motion accounted for gravity. The truth his however that the doctor was correct as well was I. Gravity or lack there of has to be controlled for when creating any accelerant; yet once this measurement of necessary acceleration is controlled for, a constant velocity can be created independant of the current gravitational forces. This means that its own gravitational force exists independantly. Now I could have said this doctor was an idiot when he tried to argue that the constant acceleration does not act independant of gravity. I could have stuck to my guns and proved that such was the case using the absence of a gravitational component in the physics problem as evidence. However, thanks to Einstein, I was able to link our two theories together so that both statements were true. This is how math should be taught, as an ever fluid philosophy that can adapt and amend like life itself. Math is not a ridged instrument where only one side is right.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adult Development

My name is Evan Baker and I am a Licensed Master Social Worker employed at Rikers Island Jail where I work as a mental health clinician. I have been employed at Rikers Island for five years. I have written a book titled Rikers Island Theories of Racism as well as struggled with homelessness and poverty.  Although I have worked with all age groups incarcerated in this jail, I have a particular focus on working with patients aged 17 to early adulthood. Recently, I have been running the dialectical behavioral therapy program for adolescents housed in the solitary confinement punitive segregation unit. 

When understanding the mental health issues associated with young adults, it is particularly helpful to have an understanding of the adult transitional fazes outlined by Daniel Levinson. Levinson found that young adults from age 17 to 22 are at a point where for the first time they are forced to make adult decisions about love, occupation, friendship, value and lifestyle. This is very important to understand when working with this age group as these decisions have a huge impact on how the person will function mentally as well as physically in society.

A person who is 17 years old was only seven years old ten years ago and only ten years old seven years ago. A person who is 22 was only ten years old twelve years ago. This is important to understand when dealing with young adults of this age group. When a therapist or mental health professional allows themselves to make a cognitive  awareness of this fact, it becomes more clear the rational and pathology of many mental health issues faced by this group. Such issues often include depression, anxiety, substance abuse as well as anti-social behavior.

In our society, as in most if not all societies, we are forced into a world of adulthood without any experience. When we turn eighteen, we are told we are adults. However, what experience do we have as adults when just eight years ago we were ten years old? We are reminded that we now have to take responsibility for ourselves. Learn a trade, go to college or suffer the consequences of failure in society. However, what skills does someone have who is eighteen or twenty two or even twenty five? An 18 year old has no skills unless of course the person has been in the profession since age 10. Most likely, however, the young adult is thrown into this world without out any skills that would allow him or her to buy a home, pay a mortgage or afford just about any luxury or necessity to function properly in mainstream society. At age twenty-five, the person may have a few years of experience on how to become a professional but few years of professional experience that would allow for a major role in adult society. Although some may argue that there are people at age twenty-five who are established well enough to have a stable life, it is important to understand that there is a considerable amount of pressure on young people to obtain this level of social affluence.

Many people I work with, if not all, have had extremely difficult transitions into adulthood. A number of psychosocial stressors contribute to this phenomena. Such stressors include parents or other adults that do not know how or have the resources to provide a stable transition into adulthood. These resources include, but or not limited to, a career that can be transferred to the young adult as well as financial support. Even with these gifts, young adults are still inexperienced in adulthood. For instance, a person this age group may have never known what it was like to pay their taxes or rent or pay for their own food. Yet, they have been forced to take on this role of adult practically overnight.

As a result of these responsibilities bestowed on to young people, many people find themselves struggling with depression, anxiety and substance abuse as well as anti-social behavior. When we force our society at a young age to take on responsibilities that there is no way they can possibly respond to in any meaningful way, we create hopelessness. When we force people to earn a living when there is no possible way for them to find a career, we create anxiety. How is someone supposed to find employment with no experience? Further, how is someone expected to create a career without fully knowing what career they want? With the need to support themselves, what legal route for income is available to someone who has all these questions to answer?

As mental health professionals, it is important to validate the person. In the case of young adults, it is important to make them aware that they are under this tremendous amount of pressure. We must be careful not to become the society that is rejecting them by letting them know that it is not abnormal to feel depressed or have the feelings of anxiety that they suffer. Validation is important because it allows the person to become more free in their thinking. Such freedom in thought will allow the person to explore avenues of self that will allow them to become that functioning member in society that we demand them to be at age eighteen.

Evan Baker


Why don't the aliens attack? Well it may be that the aliens are us looking at our past!!! If you think about the speed it would take to travel from one star system to the next traveling at faster than light speed, time would be very warped because of the speed. So what would be a month traveling at light speed or faster would be hundreds of years on earth or even thousands. For a creature to travel from one star system to our star system in a matter of days would be thousands of years from their planet to ours since time slows the faster you travel. Any creature traveling at this speed would therefor have the ability of time travel as a result of the amount of speed travelled. So, if this creature were to travel to it's planet and not miss thousands of years, it would have to be able to travel into the past as well as the present in order to make it back to it's planet in the same time dimension that it left. Which leads to the bigger question; do they even need a planet? Now why would this be us visiting our past? Well scientist say that the universe is round. If this is the case, and let's assume it is and the universe runs clockwise, wouldn't it be possible to travel counter clockwise back in time? Since the light we see from the stars take billions of years to reach earth, we see the stars in the past. The light beams that reach us are in fact from the past and the particles that make the light called photons are from the past. Therefore wouldn't it be possible to meet those particles from the past? In other words what we see is in fact an object and not just a mirage. So, the object still exists further in time. This could mean that were an alien or something see earth from the opposite direction, it would see earth from say, 130 million years ago. Could an object travel to that image and land on earth 130 million years ago? If so, could it be possible to travel the universe counter clockwise and catch earth at a later period in time? And since the universe in this scenario is round, perhaps all objects and planets are just different dimensions in time of an earlier or later history.


It is scary to think about how many choices we don't have. The lack of choices are represented for most of us daily. You want to drive a car? Pay three dollars and eight sense a gallon. Want to have electricity? Pay whatever charges you are told you need to pay or get your electricity cut. Yell and scream all you want just make sure at the end of your rant you have the money. I love hearing people talk about capitalism. You know the conversations that promote and extol the fantasy of competition. The idiot that won't face reality about this so called free enterprise society. Try challenging this lunatic. Oh sure, there are all sorts of different types of energy to power your home. Take solar for example. I hear about solar power every five minutes. "Get solar" the commercial will cheer. Great you think to yourself, all you have to do is call the number! So you call the number to find out how much money you're going to save. Oh? You're disappointed? What, too much money? Damn right! I was quoted that a solar system that could sustain my home costs fifty thousand dollars! My electric bill ain't that high, you realize. So let's make our own solar powered system. Searching the Internet gives you so much hope that such an endeavor can take place, however all you really learn is how to create the solar panels where the solar cells are stored. What are solar cells you ask? They're what creates the energy needed to run your home. How much do solar cells cost you ask? Well they're not cheap. You'll spend thousands of dollars purchasing enough solar panels to sustain your entire household. Not to mention the costs, time and labor to build the panels. Then you'll have to call the solar company to hook up the system, should you make it that far. It's just far easier to keep getting screwed by the power company. Yeah solar works, but it's hard for the power company or the solar company to make any money. Solar just works too damn well to make accessible. Oh, but wait, there's a thing called magnetic energy created by magnetic generators. A man named Troy Reid powered an electric automobile using this technology. How fantastic! All we need to do is implement this technology in electric cars and bye bye gas station. Dream on! He's not even allowed to talk about the invention. How do I know? Because I tracked down his son in Oaklahoma. This fact was explained to me over the phone. No, we're stuck with good old fossil fuel. Free energy? What? How would the power industry screw us then? Hydrogen power, solar, magnetic energy, I even heard that sewage waist creates energy from methane gas. Why don't we use this technology? Because we are monopolized by corporate greed and interests. What will it take to move past this childish, primitive mindset? How much desperation do we need to suffer before we let scientists, engineers and inventors pull our human race to the infinite possibilities that await man kind? Those creators should be hailed for their selfless inventions. Instead, they're threatened, killed, withheld and crippled just so that some corporate pinhead can have more money than anyone needs. In short, monopolies suck..

Friday, July 20, 2012


Why does it always have to be me? Is there a sign attached to my body that says,"Sure I'll give you money. Just ask." I thought to myself as I drove into the gas station that I was not going to give in this time. I saw the drunk homeless man standing at the gas station as I watched people walk in and out of the gas station store past him. I thought to myself that perhaps this wasn't going to be so hard. Hey, everyone else is walking past him and he's not asking them for money. Could it be that he's nit panhandling? Could it possibly be that he's just hanging out minding his own business? Yes, of course he is. Why would he ask me for money? He's not asking anyone else. Wow! This is great! A panhandler who doesn't ask for money! I'll just go inside and buy some water then come back to my car with my purchase without anyone asking me for money! As I left the store I think I made my most important mistake. I looked at him. Yeah, I made eye contact. I didn't realize that this was a mistake at first. After all, I make eye contact with people all the time and no one asks me for money. Just then, as I made eye contact, I felt this strange uncomfortable feeling of responsibility to this man's plight. However, I was going to stick to my guns. I wasn't going to give him money. Why should I? No one else was, I thought. Surely I can't be the only person to have made eye contact with him. These other people must have made eye contact and they didn't give him any money. I'm good! Oh no! Not so fast! He sensed that I was a sap. " Excuse me mister. Can I get some change", he asked. Great, what am I supposed to do now? I had plenty of change in my car. Of course he could have change. I'd be a god damn liar if I said I couldn't give him ant change. Crap! Okay, I'm going to stick to my guns. Now I have to think of a reason why I'm not going to give him my change that I know I can afford to give him. I got it! He drinks too much! All I have to do is voice my disapproval of his drinking. I said to him,"You need to sober up." Oh really you hippocrate, I thought about myself. He needs to sober up? What about all those times when you needed money? What about all those times you were waisted off your ass and you lied to motorists and said you needed five dollars because your car ran out of gas, I continued in my mind. What a stupid thing to say. This statement about sobering up didn't faze this guy one bit. It's as if he knew I was a hippocrate. He just walked right over to me as I got in my car. It's as if I said," sure I'll give you some change. Come on over to my car." He asked me again if I had any change. Again, why me? I've never seen this guy before in my life and he acts like he knows me. I'm caught. If I say no to this guy I'll feel like the biggest peice of crap lying a-hole on earth, cheapskate, tight ass , self ricthous, hippocritical, phony that doesn't deserve the respect a dog would give a flea. "Yeah man, I got some change. Here you go", I said as I reach into my consol and hand him a fist full of change. He thanks me and then gives me a brief history of his life explaining that he is fifty years old and he's going to get sober later. "it's going to be a rough night", he says. "Hey man, I've been there", I say. I then drive away. Yeah, I think to myself, I may be a sap as well as lighter in my change consol, but at least I'm not a liar. At least this poor drunk homeless guy can get another drink. All this is understood. However, what I still don't understand is how this guy knew to ask me for the change.