Monday, July 23, 2012

A Job

Making money is quite possibly one of the most meaningless activities you'll ever have to do. Oh I can hear your minds churning with dissent. How could that be you ask? My answer is simple. If what you do for a living was so much fun, you wouldn't be paid for the job. Oh yeah right you love your job. Nonsense, nobody loved their job. The word love and job don't even belong in the same sentence. If something you did was something you loved, it wouldn't be a job. A "job" is never meant to describe a fun activity. The word job means a labor you have no choice but to do. "it's going to be a tough job", you may hear somebody say. Have you ever heard the phrase "it's going o be a tough fun?" Of course not; because tough and fun don't belong in the same sentence. Tough bad job do belong in the same sentence. Oh yeah, right, I can hear it already. That's not true, you can use the statement "fun job". However, if a job was so much fun then you wouldn't have to use the word fun to describe this activity; it would speak for itself without needing the word "fun" to explain its meaning. No jobs are not fun. Again, if they were, everyone would do it and thus you wouldn't be paid. Now some may argue that a career is different than a job. Well really it's not any different than a job. A career is a job that you do forever or at least until you're dead. Still not convinced? Know somebody who loves what they do for a living? Well then that person does not have a job. I don't think that there has been a word to describe what that person has. Whatever it is that this person does to make money is deserving of a talk show. Most of us have jobs. So in that case, most of us are totally unfullilled spiritually and intellectually. We are in charge of completing mundane tasks in repetition to satisfy a corporation so that we can make money. This is really what a job means. If a machine could replace us, we would be out of a job. All you are as a job holder is a machine; a robot. I know that you went to college to learn your skill, this is the real world though were bottom line is what's most important. Want to be a medical doctor? It was so appealing in med school to study Medicine, here in the real world, you'll find that money is the real practice. If someone needs help, you don't help them unless you're getting paid. It's a job, not a charity. Don't want to charge the person money? Fine, be broke. See how fun that will be. Time to go to work at your job. Want to be a lawyer? It was so exciting studying case law in law school. Moot courts and discussion in class. Want to be a lawyer? You do what you're told in a specific practice day in day out. Boring! Yes when we go into practice, we find out that we are working for is the bottom line. The bottom line is money. You'll go through hell to get money. You'll do the most mundane repetitive things so long as you get paid. That's what it means to have a job. This is what we all are lucky to have; a job. If you are saying to yourself ," that's not me. I love what I do" then you don't have a job. You have something that has not been given a word to describe your method of gaining income. For the vast majority of us who are forced to go in to work everyday whether we want to or not, obey orders we don't want to obey, punch a clock and leave only when we are told, we have jobs. No creativity. No free thought. Machines in a factory is what an employee is who works at a job. Oh well, it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it!

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