Saturday, July 21, 2012


Why don't the aliens attack? Well it may be that the aliens are us looking at our past!!! If you think about the speed it would take to travel from one star system to the next traveling at faster than light speed, time would be very warped because of the speed. So what would be a month traveling at light speed or faster would be hundreds of years on earth or even thousands. For a creature to travel from one star system to our star system in a matter of days would be thousands of years from their planet to ours since time slows the faster you travel. Any creature traveling at this speed would therefor have the ability of time travel as a result of the amount of speed travelled. So, if this creature were to travel to it's planet and not miss thousands of years, it would have to be able to travel into the past as well as the present in order to make it back to it's planet in the same time dimension that it left. Which leads to the bigger question; do they even need a planet? Now why would this be us visiting our past? Well scientist say that the universe is round. If this is the case, and let's assume it is and the universe runs clockwise, wouldn't it be possible to travel counter clockwise back in time? Since the light we see from the stars take billions of years to reach earth, we see the stars in the past. The light beams that reach us are in fact from the past and the particles that make the light called photons are from the past. Therefore wouldn't it be possible to meet those particles from the past? In other words what we see is in fact an object and not just a mirage. So, the object still exists further in time. This could mean that were an alien or something see earth from the opposite direction, it would see earth from say, 130 million years ago. Could an object travel to that image and land on earth 130 million years ago? If so, could it be possible to travel the universe counter clockwise and catch earth at a later period in time? And since the universe in this scenario is round, perhaps all objects and planets are just different dimensions in time of an earlier or later history.

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