Thursday, July 26, 2012


I had to respond to an earlier statement which went as such "all you do is bitch and offer no solutions.

Dear Richard Cranium

You're so cool, I think I'll call you culo. You're a disrespectful mean spirited right winger. I get it. However, I did provide solutions. Adult development spoke about validation as a solution in dealing w/ troubled youth. Validation may sound simple but its what needs to happen in treatment! Jobs had a message to do what you love to avoid having to suffer the hardships associated with employment. Panhandler was a story of what I experienced and spoke to a state of mind that captivates people when dealing with begging. Aliens was not a focus on a problem but rather an explanation of or why extra terrestrial life forms might be visiting us. Math did focus on a solution by pointing out the importance of allowing people to explain how they arrived at math and physics problems when we think they arrived at the wrong answer. Monopoly focused on a solution by pointing out the need to articulate the difficulties associated with obtaining free energy. By the way, I don't know that too many people are familiar with Troy Reid and his electric car that he powered using a magnetic generator. Further, that he has been silenced from talking about this invention should create outrage. Perhaps the strongest attribute to this piece is the kindling of discontent. In the future, I would appreciate if your comments were rooted in intelligent rhetoric rather than emotionally driven insult. 

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