Saturday, July 21, 2012


It is scary to think about how many choices we don't have. The lack of choices are represented for most of us daily. You want to drive a car? Pay three dollars and eight sense a gallon. Want to have electricity? Pay whatever charges you are told you need to pay or get your electricity cut. Yell and scream all you want just make sure at the end of your rant you have the money. I love hearing people talk about capitalism. You know the conversations that promote and extol the fantasy of competition. The idiot that won't face reality about this so called free enterprise society. Try challenging this lunatic. Oh sure, there are all sorts of different types of energy to power your home. Take solar for example. I hear about solar power every five minutes. "Get solar" the commercial will cheer. Great you think to yourself, all you have to do is call the number! So you call the number to find out how much money you're going to save. Oh? You're disappointed? What, too much money? Damn right! I was quoted that a solar system that could sustain my home costs fifty thousand dollars! My electric bill ain't that high, you realize. So let's make our own solar powered system. Searching the Internet gives you so much hope that such an endeavor can take place, however all you really learn is how to create the solar panels where the solar cells are stored. What are solar cells you ask? They're what creates the energy needed to run your home. How much do solar cells cost you ask? Well they're not cheap. You'll spend thousands of dollars purchasing enough solar panels to sustain your entire household. Not to mention the costs, time and labor to build the panels. Then you'll have to call the solar company to hook up the system, should you make it that far. It's just far easier to keep getting screwed by the power company. Yeah solar works, but it's hard for the power company or the solar company to make any money. Solar just works too damn well to make accessible. Oh, but wait, there's a thing called magnetic energy created by magnetic generators. A man named Troy Reid powered an electric automobile using this technology. How fantastic! All we need to do is implement this technology in electric cars and bye bye gas station. Dream on! He's not even allowed to talk about the invention. How do I know? Because I tracked down his son in Oaklahoma. This fact was explained to me over the phone. No, we're stuck with good old fossil fuel. Free energy? What? How would the power industry screw us then? Hydrogen power, solar, magnetic energy, I even heard that sewage waist creates energy from methane gas. Why don't we use this technology? Because we are monopolized by corporate greed and interests. What will it take to move past this childish, primitive mindset? How much desperation do we need to suffer before we let scientists, engineers and inventors pull our human race to the infinite possibilities that await man kind? Those creators should be hailed for their selfless inventions. Instead, they're threatened, killed, withheld and crippled just so that some corporate pinhead can have more money than anyone needs. In short, monopolies suck..


  1. All you need for solar energy is the sun man.

  2. And those very expensive solar panels.....