Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Why is everyone so worried about hurting the feelings of the KKK? Further, why are they even allowed to exist? They're so 1960s. I'm sorry, why do we care about them anymore? Oh yeah, because we're a bunch of cowards. I heard that we could not prevent the KKK from marching or speaking in public. The ACLU saw the wolf in sheep's clothing. Apparently if we didn't protect our beloved KKK and their free speech, then we couldn't protect anyone else's. What? The KKK has rights? All the murders, terrorism and evil, they still have rights? Their rights are apparently so important that somehow taking away their rights infringes on ours. I wonder if the mayors of these cities that had the KKK march would allow the Gambino crime family to march. How about the blood or crips to march? Of Course not! They're criminals! The KKK however, they are upstanding citizens whose rights need to be respected! Wow! Shouldn't they all be arrested? I saw Missippi Burning and I'm pretty sure that they made it against the law for the KKK to exist. Gene Hackman was pissed so I know that something must have been done. The truth is the KKK as cowardly and pathetic as they are, are nonetheless as American as apple pie. The truth however is that the KKK and other White Supremist groups should all be killed and or sent to Guantanamo Bay. I could see some of your expressions already. How dare I say such awfull things about our beloved KKK. I know there are a considerable amount of Afro Americans who feel this way. You'll argue how they don't matter. One Afro American told me it would be good to know where the KKK is so we can avoid them. Avoid them? It would be a good idea to know where the KKK is so we could KILL them. You Black folks who think like this will say tougher laws for this Black and that Black. You'll argue that Black people don't this or that; and just look at these Black people. However, let's just avoid the KKK. What have they ever done to us besides kill, torcher,oppress and make you live in squalor poverty. Yes, the KKK did that. In fact, it's still their mission to this day. But you all keep on like a bunch of cowards. Even in Germany it's against the law to rave about being a Nazi. Remember Germany? This is where the Nazi party began. They don't tolerate that crap. Not America though. I have to admit we are cowards when we let a bunch of played out loosers like the KKK dictate how we interpret the constitution.

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