Sunday, August 12, 2012

P=1/2P(V1-V2) Clean Energy

Clean unlimited energy is not difficult to create. It doesn’t necessarily take a rocket scientist to create a clean energy idea that will work if produced; though a degree in rocket science doesn’t ever hurt in this case. I make this claim because I have been able to create an idea for clean energy. I developed this idea for clean energy while studying physics. My clean energy idea is as follows: If we were to create energy using a perpetual motion turbine system that operated under the ocean, we would have a limitless supply of energy. The way this works is through a pipe system. I have discovered several different concepts for the design of this under ocean perpetual motion system. One of the designs for underwater perpetual motion turbine system is created via this design: Multiple oval smoke stack shaped stacks ranging at least three meters in diameter will be attached to a hollow basin. Imagine a football with three straws sticking out of the top of the football. The bottom of the football will have pipes that lead out of the hallow basin. On the side of the football shaped basin, there will be stilts to hold this contraption on the bottom of the ocean floor. Since there is less pressure in the basin, water will flow into the pipes into the basin and drain out into the ocean from the pipes underneath this football shaped hollow basin. As I stated, this contraption will be placed underneath the ocean. So, let’s say that this contraption is 3000 feet underneath the ocean. What would be the water pressure produced at this depth? In order to find out the final velocity of water, it is necessary to know the initial velocity. Initial velocity in this case is the water pressure at 3000 feet. Let’s assume that the water pressure at this depth is 3000 pounds per square inch. We need to understand what the water pressure would be flowing through the cross sectional area of the pipe. In this case the area is 4 meter or 12 feet. To solve this problem, we need to include the density of the liquid. In this case the liquid is water. Water has a density of 1000 kg/m. Though physics problems usually employ a metric system that dictates pressure as meters per second, I will plug in the vectors of pressure using pounds instead of Newtons or meters per second and still be able to produced usable data. Solving this problem I will use the physics formula: P=1/2P(Vi-V2)= 1296, 000000 lbs of pressure This translates to pressure in the pipe equaling the density of liquid divided by half. You can factor out P and work on the equation using velocity and area. Once this is done we take the initial velocity of the water at 3k and square this to find the total amount of pressure. Then we take the cross sectional diameter and square the cross sectional diameter at 12 times 12. We take this answer and then multiply to find the water pressure through the tube. The answer equals the amount of pressure in that pipe. The amount of pressure in the pipe would= 1296,000000 pounds of pressure. However, if we wanted to create a greater amount of pressure say at the point of the turbine you would use this equation : ( V2= AiVi/A2) This means that the velocity at this area of the pipe will be found by dividing the initial velocity by the area cross sectional at this point of the pipe where the cross sectional shape is different. Since the velocity stays the same the area of the pipe is the only thing that needs to change. Even if you were to build this pipeline turbine system at a depth of 100 ft. with a twelve foot cross sectional diameter, there would be a water pressure in this pipe that would equal 144k pounds of water pressure! With this pressure, it would be possible to power turbines to create electricity at very high voltage and amps. We need to stop making excused about why we can’t do things and focus on why we can achieve clean energy. Water pressure in pipes is real! Water pressure in the ocean is real! With our oceans, we have an unlimited source of clean energy. Climate change is a real issue. I have been aware of climate change, as I’m sure most of you have, for many years. Global warming has been the most eloquent term used to describe climate change. An inconvenient truth is more than a catchy name for a well produced documentary. Apparently, inconvenient is how our energy industry views global warming. However, the buck has to stop at some point. It seems that the point the buck will not stop unfortunately is at a three percent increase in global temperature. What happens when the temperature of the earth increases by three degrees? This question is important to ask since this level of global temperature increase is taking place as we speak. In fact, we have increased our global temperature to within a few margins of three degrees as of this current date. In doing so, we are creating mass extinctions of species at an epic proportion. However, we are fast tracking to a larger increase of death as a result of global warming. Scientists are saying that we are headed down a path of global warming that will reach a global climate increase of 7 percent! What are the implications? A global climate increase of seven percent will create unspeakable weather patterns. In New York State there have been two Tornados in less than three weeks. The most recent tornado touched down today 8-10-12. I have not lived in New York my whole life, however, I have never heard of the regions surrounding the five boroughs being noted for multiple Tornados within less than a month’s time. Tornados in New York are becoming very frequent. I dare say that an increase in global temperature is the cause of this increasing weather pattern. Just last year we had a hurricane in New York City that reached hundreds of miles inland to upstate New York. Will these weather patterns be considered the norm? I make these points to illustrate the need for a solution to a problem that has been created by energy production and consumption at a macro level. People who try to argue that global warming is not occurring at its current state due to manmade noxious gas is living in a delusional world. How can anyone argue that billions of tons of cordon dioxide into our atmosphere is not causing the ice caps in Greenland to melt? No? CO2 has nothing to do with this ever increasing weather change? No such thing as greenhouse gasses? I would like to proceed with the assumption that green house gasses are the cause for global warming. I would further like to clarify that these gasses are created by the greedy power companies such as big oil. These oil companies who are responsible for halting the inventions of numerous clean energy designs by way of murder, have killed such geniuses as Nicholas Telsa. Countless other people who have invented clean energy have been killed or intimidated due to the greed of robber barren banksters and oil company thugs. How long will we allow these idiots to control our lives and destroy our earth.

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