Monday, August 6, 2012

Let Your Pants Sag!

Sagging pants on Black youth is a sticking point with many people. Here in Rikers Island jail where I work, I often hear my fellow clinicians as well as officers exclaim " pull your pants up!" I never understood the big deal with wearing loose fitted pants. I dare say it's one of the least important issues facing Black America. I further believe that wearing loose fitting clothes isn't an issue at all. I heard that in some states they were walking up to Black kids and writing them tickets for wearing loose fitted clothes. How is this act not a violation of the first amendment? I don't like people who wear butt hugging jeans with large belt buckles, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Think I'll give that person a ticket and tell them to stop wearing tight ass hugging jeans because I don't want to see the shape of their ass. I really think it is disgusting to have to look at another man's ass. If it were up to me I would make it against the law for men to wear this gay ass attire. It offends me! I frankly like when men sag their pants. I don't want to see your ass! Not into other men's asses. Thank you hip hoppers for not showing it to me; sag on! What would happen if Black kids didn't sag their pants? Would the schools decide to teach them how to read and write properly? Would White America decide to give us jobs? Or would none of this change? I don't care if these Black kids sag their pants, wear tight jeans or dress like James Bond, you ain't getting no job, you're still going to be called a nigger and your education in the ghetto is still going to suck. Perhaps if Black kids were some how able to make themselves look white, they could get ahead in life. But that will require a whole lot of skin bleach or a hell of a makeup artist. So I tell Black kids sag your pants and direct your anger while your sagging your pants, not at each other, but at the racism and classism that oppresses you. Indict this education system with your sagging pants not by a crime driven protest. Indict them by being resourceful enough to become as educated or better educated than those who are oppressing you. It really bothers me that we as a society find one excuse after the next to hate, discourage, unemploy, undereducate Black and Hispanic people. We hate this group of people so much that we actually think we have a right to tell them what to wear when they wake up in the morning!

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  1. Okay Evan, you made your point. With some clever ideas to help people reclaim their power. So glad that your voicing your thoughts and ideas because what you say does matter. Your voice has a place and I love your blog. Blog on Baker. We love you.