Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rikers Island Graduation 5

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE SOCIETY. REHABILITATION IN JAIL IS NEEDED! THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR ANOTHER GRADUATE OF THE DBT PROGRAM! When we first started working in the groups, I saw a stern individual who did not seem to want to change or develop their thinking. One not changing their thinking is not always the worst thing, however, in our case; we had to figure out a way of thinking that did not validate punching someone in the mouth. This was a challenge for us all, I have to admit. Unlike some individuals who felt like pursuing a train of thought that would not allow and justify an assault, you gave this new concept a chance. Instead of trying to humiliate the process or the proctors of this program, you gave us a chance. I must admit that I did not expect that you would be one of the people to work with the program. I will admit my ignorance by realizing that I felt that you would be one of the individuals who would not lock out for group or splash or flood. I love being wrong. It is my belief that you are yet another example of why DBT works. Not only were you not a person that could not or would not involve themselves with the program, you became a virtual scholar of the program and the program’s logic. I have to say that I am impressed with your knowledge of the material. This knowledge demonstrated to me during rounds as you would explain situations that enabled you to utilize your DBT skills. I knew that you were genuine in your discussions of the DBT skills that you had learned, as you would explain the situations that these skills were applied. Not once have you yelled obscenities at me or any other staff member. You could have been easily persuaded to as other people housed next to you have behaved in such a manner. This for me is an example of your ability to think independently. For me, your behavior exemplifies leadership. Instead of following a path of self destruction by behaving in an intolerable manner, you chose to compose yourself with dignity and respect. As the weeks and the months dragged on and our conversations about the usefulness of the DBT program progressed, it became clear that you were not interested in repeating the same behavior that created your circumstances. I began to understand that you realized that it is important not to follow people down the wrong path in life. For me, it seemed that you could understand how problems developed as a result of who you identified with in life. Our conversations focused on how anti-social behavior was a menace as well as embarrassing. It is my belief that you have the potential to develop your thinking. It seems as though you have chosen the pro-social DBT skills over the anti-social behavior of some of your peers. It appears further that through the study of these skills, you have been able to open your mind to a completely new and more intricate understanding of opportunities that exist for you. Stay the course of success by choosing skills over anti-social behavior. Only you can create your ambitions. Only you know what you can do. It is not enough for me or us to believe in you, you must believe in yourself. Let DBT be the key to your uninhibited brilliance and unlock the door to your success. Congratulations on completing the DBT program and Good Luck

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