Sunday, October 14, 2012

Romney the PUNK!

I'm tired of people in awe of Mitt Romney. Let's keep it real! Mitt Romney is a punk! Nothing more! He's a spoiled little rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Who is Mitt Romney to tell anyone anything? He's where he is because his daddy gave him money. He inherited his wealth. Please don't give me that song and dance of how this bum made millions on his own. This worthless bum wouldn't have been able to screw people out of their jobs had it not been for the fact that he came from privilege. Why are you people worshiping a spoiled little punk brat who never had to want for anything? What is America's fascination with spoiled little punks? This little bitch never had to have a hard days work in his life! But you all want him to be president. Why? Because you people are little minions who idolize spoiled little punks.Remember what happened the last time we had a spoiled little punk as president? You think its going to be different with this punk? He goes around the world and insults our allies. Why? Because he's never had to think about anything. He's a disrespectful little punk who thinks that the world revolves around him. But you all want to vote for him; a punk! I keep saying the word "punk" because that's what he is. This is who you want representing you as an American? An entitled brat? Mitt Romney, like W. Bush, thinks that the economy is his own private piggy bank. Romney doesn't know the word "no". The republicans love running unqualified candidates. These days, the way you become a presidential nominee for the republican party is if you're an inheritance baby who is a spoiled little brat punk who needs his ass kicked. Think about it. Dick Cheney, though evil, not able to be president as a republican because he didn't come from money. This other scumbag, Ryan, can't run for president as a republican because he didn't come from money. It appears that the main qualification these days to be a republican president is to be, you guessed it, a spoiled punk with a silver spoon in his mouth. Pathetic! Also, what's with the debates? All of a sudden people who would have voted for our current president have changed their vote to Mitt "Punk" Romney after just one debate. Really? Lets forget the tax returns that spoiled little punk doesn't want to show. Let's forget the jobs the Punk sent to China. Lets forget the businesses the "Punk" ran to the ground to make a profit. Let's forget the punk's statement " I don't care about the poor". Let's forget the Punk's statement about the 47 percent who, unlike him, were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Let's forget about the Punk's arrogance and insulting our allies. Let's forget about the Punk's off shore bank accounts. Let's forget about the Punk's belief that he should only pay 14 percent in taxes. After all, for an entitled spoiled punk, any tax is unfair. I could go on. But because of one debate where he lied 27 times in 38 minutes, all of a sudden, you all want to vote for him. A Punk! One debate sold you! It's all good now! Now it doesn't matter that he's a bum. Abe Lincoln born in a log Cabin. Our first president, Washington, put his life on the line fighting the British. You think the Mitt Punk Romney would ever put his faggot punk ass on the line? Bill Clinton, came from poverty! Obama wasn't even raised by his parents! He was raised by his grandparents! He met his father when he graduated college! Oh but you all want to support a spoiled little punk! THe job numbers are all wrong! Why? Because you want a spoiled brat punk to be your leader? You want a spoiled little Punk with his spoiled little punk children to lead you? That's what you want? A punk!

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