Thursday, January 8, 2015

Make Hacking Relevant!

Why do hackers always hack things that no one cares about? For example, we already know that the government does bad things like torcher other people. Let us not forget that America has the largest incarceration population on the planet. If not you, then someone you know has been in the hands of our government for a crime of some sort. Thus, we are well aware of how abusive our Militiristic policing can be. Since Vietnam, we have been aware of war crimes seeing the true horrors of war. This is callous of me, however, if anyone in this country does not know by now that we have created horrible atrocities through illegal wars killing tens of millions of people, then that person is an idiot. This country was born of blood. The indigenous were slaughtered. Slaves from Africa were brought over through a ruthless invasion brought on by Eurpoean desperation. This is not new information so why do hackers waste our time bringing us this trivia? Why hack Sony? What does anyone gain from Sony being hacked? Hackers need to hack things that are useful to the public. I have always thought of hackers, for the most part, as people who stand up for the little guy against powerful elitists. These people who hack are so mysterious that we can neither vilify them nor commend them. Some people love them and some people hate them. In any event, they are always taken seriously. They are taken seriously because these hackers bring home a sense of reality. Through their hacking, we are able to be set free from the bondage of corporate control. These hackers let everyone know who is really in control. Even Sony had to bow to the all mighty hackers. I never saw a major company so scared. Even our President Obama had to tell Sony to pull their skirts down and man up. I wish hackers would take their hacking were it really needs to go; all the way to the student loan office! Hackers need to wipe everyone's student loan debt clean! Now that would be useful! A hacker needs to clean everyone's credit! I'm not asking a lot. I mean it's not like I'm asking for money. Of course money would be nice. Perhaps a hacker with a sense of humor could take money from the 1 percent and put it in the bank account of the 99 percent. Now that would make hacking relevent.

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