Saturday, January 10, 2015

TV Is Good

Some people believe that watching TV is bad. I can understand this belief. However let us not forget what people did for entertainment before there was TV. Before television we people used other forms of entertainment. One popular form of entertainment was public execution. In the United States invitations would be sent out for families to watch hangings. Death was very popular to watch before TV. Sure there were plays but nothing could draw a crowd like a good hanging. Mark Twain wrote about how people behaved during public executions saying it made the crowd vicious. Let us remember Rome. The Romans built the world's biggest monument for killing attracting thousands of people. These people watched other people die for entertainment. In contrast to watching television, I think that this entertainment was far more deadly. I further believe that the mind was impacted far more negatively than the mind that watches TV. So while we might not like the way TV influences us, I think it's safe to argue that we people have come a long way. Indeed violence is human nature and there must be a way to satisfy our blood lust. In prison, TV calms the housing areas. Without TV in prison, there would be riots everyday. People should be aware that TV has saved us in many ways. We people need entertainment and the bloodier the better. I'm just thankful it's done these days with actors pretending to die rather than with real people who really die.

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